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Honestly, you are comfortable in your swanky corporate job, but you have an itch to explore your entrepreneurial ideas. You’ve got some things in the mix on the sidelines, but it’s high time you stop sorta kinda doing something. You want to leverage your expertise and launch a new stream of income that will allow you to flex your genius on your terms and help people who can appreciate your contribution to the world.

You want to know how that whole “passive income business” works. You hear online business leaders talking about “making money while you are asleep, on vacation, or just taking the day off,” but you are almost skeptical of the whole concept. And honestly, you should be.

You are spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to monetize your expertise. Like you know it is a thing, but you aren’t sure what to do first.

Hell, you still need to define your ideal client. You know whom you want to work with, but niching down makes you feel like you are going to be leaving money on the table because you feel like you are meant to work with everybody. And you haven’t got to the whole part of how you are going to service more clients in less time, but you know you need to hash that out too.

You have dabbled in business just a bit, but you are already burnt out from the 1:1 business model and you are ready to leverage your expertise and move to the one to many platforms. Hosting group programs and creating digital programs sounds like music to your ears.

You don’t have systems or processes in place to manage and grow your business like a pro. You are still piecing your biz together after every client you acquire hoping and praying that everything goes well, and you will make time later to get everything in order.

You have several ideas, but you don’t know how to monetize them, and marketing makes you want to run for the hills. You just want to wake up and create predictable revenue and results for your business with ease, and you are on a quest to figure out how to create that reality for your life.


You know you need to learn how to run an online business, create graphics, write copy, create sales funnels, figure out email marketing, learn Facebook ads, and the whole nine yards, but all of that overwhelms you.

You aren’t being seen, and you don’t know how to articulate what you do so that the client sees value in your work. Instead, you attract people who are lukewarm about achieving their goals and are always on the fence about making a decision to work with you so that you can finally operate in your zone of genius 24/7.

You are ready to smash your goals and not apologize for the level of success you achieve. It’s high time that everything worked out for the good.


Operation Get Sh*t Done Implementation Lab

What is it? Working sessions to get shit done. Period.

But no seriously, it’s a growth incubator designed to teach you how to leverage your expertise and give you a start to finish solution so that you can create predictable revenue

You’ve got this business idea stuck in your head, but you are not quite sure how to articulate it or how to make it work. You need to talk it out.

I’m a natural idea decoder who quickly understands your language, cleans it up for you, and helps you define what next steps to take to manifest your vision. Because you can’t attract your ideal clients if you can’t communicate your thoughts.

If you’re looking for someone to help make building your business effortless, insightful, and fun, you’re in the right place.

This is for if you are ready to turn your idea into an organized step-by-step operational plan so that you know exactly what you need to do to monetize your efforts.

You want someone to help you course correct when you are not sure what your next steps should be.  Implementation is what is missing from your equation NOT more information.

I am going to conduct a 360 review of your entire business before you arrive to our meeting and I will focus on three areas of your business that need a makeover so that you can start working smarter and position your business to make more money now.

If you are tired of going to events and taking endless notes, but not sure what you should apply to your business, and you want an action plan that you can implement right away this is for you.

OGSD is clarity and implementation on steroids. It is designed cut through the busy work and get straight to the heart of income-generating activities.

This is for you if you want to set aside dedicated time to get shit done and leverage real-time feedback so that you can smash your goals now not drag out your to-do list.

In less than 12 weeks we will flesh out your core offer, set up your systems and automation, align your marketing initiatives, and help you start generating sales.

This is a Growth Incubator for service based entrepreneurs and professionals who want to work smarter + make more money. This is for you if you are ready to monetize your expertise and launch BIG now.

You thrive in an environment where you are pushed to be your best. You have been searching to share the room with like-minded entrepreneurs who are on the brink of a breakthrough and have accomplished notable success. You need answers, and you are ready to hit the ground and implement what you have learned as an entrepreneur and take your business to the next level, but you are not willing to do it alone.

You are burned out on conferences, tired of taking courses that over-promise and don’t deliver.

You are looking for an intense high-level experience that will alter your perspective and inspire you to operate in your zone of genius daily. You are ready to be an idea churning implementation queen. You don’t have any excuses. Why? Because you are focused on what you can create. You are looking for best practices that will help you shorten your learning curve and get results now vs later. You want to work in an environment where success stories are created not spend countless hours creating theoretical game plans and massive to-do list.

Who is Operation Get Shit Done for? An elite tribe of thought leaders and trailblazers who are destined for greatness. You know you are different and you excel at everything you do. You have reached a breaking point in your life and business and quite frankly you have been performing at subpar levels. You desire to be stretched. It’s important that you aren’t the smartest person in the room anymore because you desire to grow.

You’ve been working on several projects but nothing is finished. You either have been overthinking your concepts and allowed them to become stagnant or you have too much on your plate and you aren’t sure what to focus on, but you know you have to start moving and you want to ensure that every decision you make from here on out is systematic, divine, and will position you to create fail-proof opportunities for your business. You are ready to be fearless, heartfelt, and embrace a work-life balance lifestyle.

You envision yourself as being a person that finishes what you start. You crave execution and consistent success in your business. You have an extraordinary mind and you want to be compensated for it. You want to expand your impact and work with more people in less time. You are looking for an intimate learning experience where you can share your zone of genius and sharpen your ax. You know that there are levels to your greatness, but you aren’t sure how to tap into it and you need someone to tap into your purpose and make it plain.


  • A clear plan of how to optimize your sales conversations, systems + processes needed to scale your business, social media, sales funnel and website.
  • It’s an opportunity to get your burning questions answered regarding managing or growing your business.
  • Walk away from this experience with shit DONE!
  • New Services & Digital Products To Sell
  • A Business Redesigned to Make You Money.
  • Confidence + Clarity to Build Your Business with Ease


You will walk away from OGSD with a tangible result if you do the work. It’s not enough to give you the information we are going to get shit done. 

  • (6) Six Bi-Weekly 45 Min Strategy/Implementation Sessions with recorded playback
  • Weekly Accountability Check-ins + Get Your Questions Answered in real time VIP Style
  • Signatures Systems + Offers Designed to help you manage your growing business with ease
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Operation Get Sh*t Done Workcation

What is it? An intimate two-day in-person implementation intensive in Atlanta, Georgia that is hosted quarterly.

This experience is designed to allow you to focus on one area of your business that underperforming and optimize what is currently in place so that you can work smarter and position your business to generate predictable revenue and results now. This is a time to get your questions answered in real time. This will be a deep dive so that you can start focusing on income generating activities moving forward. If you are tired of chasing your tail and want to understand what works best for YOU and you prefer an in-person event vs. virtual, then this is it. You can expect to receive strategic clarity for your goals so that you can manage your business with confidence.

Your questions will be answered on the spot so that you can establish smart business success systems that will empower you to position your business to generate predictable results and revenue.


  • An Intimate Two Day Implementation Intensive In-person event in Atlanta, GA 16 Hours Dedicated to growing your business and one-on-one support in a roundtable group setting
  • Hot Seat Laser Coaching
  • Signature Offer Defined, Marketing Strategy, Redefined Fully Automated Business, & Confidence to knock out your revenue goals.
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Smart Business Success Systems

The first end to end system that shows you how to use Buyer Psychology to streamline your sales, marketing, and order of operations so that you can attract, convert, and retain more paying clients with ease in 42 days or less without having to be sleazy, beg, or offer discounts.

This is for you if you are ready to Master the Art of Client Management & Start Dominating the entire Sales Process.


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Got a quick question and need to move the needle in your business now? 

Pick My Brian and let’s get you clarity A.S.A.P!

30 Mins Ask Me Anything…GO GO GO


Book Your 30 Min Complimentary Profit Clarity Intensive, and let’s talk about your business and Goals. This session is designed to help you determine what’s next for you in your business. So we are going get you clear and concise on your potential revenue streams and IF working with me would be a good fit for you or not. Please ask me questions that will help YOU determine if I am the right person to help you achieve your goals. This is NOT a pick my brain for free session.

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