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I decided to work wth Wendy because I needed help with getting to the bottom line of why I do and what I do in my business and how to maximize my resources to help me get clients and make money.

Wendy helped me get clear on what I offer in my business, and to accept who I am and not to care what others may think of me.

What I loved the most about working with Wendy was her contentedness, frankness, and honesty and she didn’t make me feel crazy about the things I asked, and she checked me on my bullshit when I was being lazy and not wanting to put my full effort into what was being asked of me.

When I came to Wendy I felt like I needed direction in determining the why and what I did in my business and how to balance and not be overwhelmed, but little did I know Wendy would help me to embrace the process of building my business and not to hold back thoughts and get past some fears and doubts I had about myself. She taught me how to get out of my own way. Once we got that out the way,@ the meat and the potatoes were in the pot and were being stirred up. Now I don’t doubt myself about if I’m doing my job or not, I now know my lane and what it’s about and why I’m doing it. Three months after working with Wendy I felt confident enough to leave my corporate position and pursue entrepreneurship full-time.

If you are on the fence about working with Wendy, here is what you need to know: Wendy is going to propel you to the next level of your life, it not just only for your business it’s also for self-realization on another level of being honest with yourself.

LaToya Stephens of www.lamilstyles.com

When I came to Wendy, I was overwhelmed and confused as to what I need to focus on first to grow my business. Wendy helped me to clear through the clutter and identify the areas I really needed to improve. Wendy helped me to organize myself and improve the way I show up on social media.

I like that she’s straightforward, and her focus is helping me run my business better than I’m doing now. I also liked that Wendy shares information that is common sense and relevant to improving the way that I work. She’s a mom so it helps to work with someone who can relate to the things I’m going through while trying to build my business. I now understand know how important it is to have systems and processes in place.

Now I’m not confused. I know exactly what needs to be done, and I have the resources to get it done. Wendy over delivers!!! Thank you, Wendy, for an awesome experience, and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

If you’re tired of being confused and overwhelmed, invest your time and money in Wendy. You will see a return on your money if you implement what she teaches you. Most importantly, that feeling of being confused and full of doubt will slowly go away after working with Wendy.

Rockell Bartoli of www.rockellbartoli.com



I implemented what Wendy taught me in our 30 min session, and I was able to grow my email list from 0 to 25 in less than 24 hours. Wendy helped me to get unstuck and clear, and my entrepreneurial path became visible. She helped me to organized the next steps I needed to take to grow my business now.

Wendy is real. She doesn’t have a hidden agenda, and she has integrity. If she connects with you, you better best believe its not just about money because she puts her heart and soul into her work. She really wants to see you succeed, and that’s what she aims for. She makes you feel secure in your own skin, and she believes in you so much until you can’t give up!!

Saterria Norah Entrepreneur & Author of My Journey To Freedom: Making the choice to rebuild my life after sexual abuse

When I came to Wendy, I was looking to narrow down specific products for my brand. Wendy helped give me a strategy to not only create brand specific products but to also adjust my marketing and my focus. She also solidified the need to “Ask for the sale!” My product is niche specific, and there aren’t too many companies like it. I thought the profit only could be found in a few common areas, but Wendy opened the door to others. Now, I am mapping a clear plan and am going through the process to put those products in place. This definitely was a great choice to work with Wendy, and I look forward to it again in the future.

Nicole Jean-Baptiste Co-Founder of “The Couples Club”



When I came to Wendy, I felt scattered and all over the place. I was nervous, a little scared, & not sure what direction I needed in, but Wendy helped me figure out what I was doing wrong. Wendy also helped me determine my next steps and encouraged me with all of the goals & dreams that I had; she let me know that they are achievable but here is x, y, and z that you must follow in order to achieve your goals. Now I am working with a full client roster, continuing to grow and expand and looking forward to working with Wendy more in the future to improving myself and my business even more.

Shay Pounders of applelotusvs.com

I signed up for Wendy’s 30 Day Cut The Crap Profit Clarity Boot Camp. IT HAS BEEN LIFE CHANGING! I have accomplished more in less than 30 days than what I have been trying to do in 2 years. The Boot Camp is on point! If you walk away and haven’t accomplished anything, it is because you chose to walk away empty handed. So many resources, so much information, so much assistance. She is constantly engaged and supporting you. At the end of the Boot Camp, I started to freak out. It is not because Wendy cripples us and makes us rely on her for all the answers and total guidance. That definitely isn’t it. She fully prepares you to walk away from her with a vision and plan for success. She teaches you how to trust your instinct and speak your truth while growing your business.Your voice matters in your business and people will be drawn to you because of it. WENDY EMPOWERS YOU! So why am I freaking out? It’s like a child going away to college. Your parents have raised you well and taught you all they could. They have equipped you to take over the world. You know you have all the supplies you need as you take your first steps to greatness. Why freak out? Because you know you are officially prepared for greatness and are about to take over the world! I was able to gain new clients from what Wendy taught me inside the Boot Camp.

Arrettress Hollins, Mompreneur and Avon Representative of www.lookandbewealthy.com



In 30 days, I was able to clarify and package my services, revamp my website, and tripled the amount of skincare products I offer. I increased my marketing skills. I mastered client personalization, received an offer to have my products placed in a local retail store, and I launched the new “Skin Concierge” service.

As a new entrepreneur, having access to her via email was a major plus. Since working with Wendy, I trust myself when making business decisions. I am now a confident, decisive, and solution oriented.

My biggest breakthrough was that I was also able to dig deep within myself. I needed to make changes to what I offered to my client base. I needed to understand who I was first before I could really understand how to help my clientele. My willingness to change my mindset taught me how to fully access my client’s needs and create viable solutions for them. If you are looking for someone that’s authentic, consistent, and does not waste time, Wendy is your girl! I cannot thank her enough for helping me increase my vision and business. I look forward to continuing working with her on my success journey.

Brittnee Albury of www.signature5skin.com

When I came to Wendy, I just had an idea and a concept. I was not sure where to begin and how to get started. I had general start-up know-how from graduate school, but was very overwhelmed and did not know if my ideas were good. She listened and provided solid feedback immediately. Her strong, honest/raw approach is what I needed because I know how I work and wanted someone to be real, yet tactful. In addition, she never appeared to be all over the place with her delivery, even though she had a lot of information to provide.She designed tools and systems specific to my business needs. It would have taken me months to find all of this information and streamline it in such a way that I would help me stay focused. She provided me with loads of great information and questions to get my mind thinking about how to work effectively with my ideal clients. Now I am in a position to work with my ideal clients. I am excited and thankful for following my instincts and hiring Wendy.

Kelly Watts of www.kellydenise.com



Before I decided to work with Wendy, I struggled tremendously with start-up mode. I had an idea for several years, but I was stuck in park. I didn’t know how I would build a functioning website and generate traffic that would result in income. I did not want to commit to a date because I was new to building a site and had many fears.I was not active on social media. I also struggled with being the face of my company because I live a very private life. Understanding my angst, Wendy co-created a game plan with me and prioritized what my next steps should be. Then she held me accountable, not just privately, but publicly. After giving me a not so gentle nudge my business was up and running.Wendy helped me fine tune my focus and establish a deadline for my site launch. She has helped me earn more income by not allowing me to just sit on my ideas. Once plans was aligned, action was easier. What I like most is that Wendy was positive and aggressive without being too much of an in-your-face drill sergeant. I needed push pull strategist. She has a very genuine interest in seeing my business/me become successful.

Minita Tanner, CEO of Doll House Hair Imports

When I came to Wendy, I was confused about where to begin to create a product for my clients. I was also struggling with structure. Wendy gave me a detailed strategy for four programs that I can instantly set up for my clients. I liked that the issue that I have of creating a project was broken down to me in understandable chunks. I could not envision how to begin before our call. Now I have a clear vision of future products and services and know how to structure my free and paid sessions with my clients and I know exactly how to promote them on social media. I am successfully booking coaching calls with structure and confidence. I am also more visible in my business because of the social media training Wendy provided me.

Knifie Burks of www.womenofwealthcoaching.com



Wendy is fantastic!

I am launching a new multifaceted service to help freelancers succeed, with different audiences – Wendy immediately understood my business goals and gave me specific, targeted feedback to help me develop Facebook ads and videos to reach each group. Wendy validated that my idea for a co-working space and shared software services is a valuable service for women that are trying to work from home and raise families.

Jessica Strong of www.whetstoneworkgroup.com

Before I went to Wendy I was just scratching my heading trying to figure out why I’ve been unable to convert my social media “likers” into clients. Wendy let me understand that I must create compelling content that will nudge my audience and not just provide basic information to them. I also understand now that I must provide information on my website that describes how I will nurture my clients so I can gain the trust of my audience.

I had no clue what I was doing in regards to marketing. I’m an image consultant…an expert at what I do, but knowing how to reach my audience and speak their language was where I got lost.

Working with Wendy has given me so much clarity. Before I was just confused, having no direction. Now I know exactly the strategies, the wording, and phrases to use in my marketing. I love Wendy’s no non-sense approach in her teaching. She gave me the kick in the butt that I needed to get things done and I highly recommend working with her.

Thecia Plummer of www.tpstylestudio.com



When I came to Wendy I felt overwhelmed with not knowing what systems I needed to put in place to help my business run efficiently and automatically. I also needed help with my branding/marketing. Wendy gave me a clear plan of action, told and showed me how to activate and integrate systems, and she gave me valuable & constructive feedback that will allow me to better serve my clients. She empowered me to own my role as an entrepreneur. I am now just weeks away from officially launching my companies.

Kandis Webb of www.kandiswebb.com

I came to Wendy because I felt ready to start promoting my business but was at a loss as to where to start and knew I needed help to put me and my business out there. Besides giving me the first steps I needed to take to start marketing, she gave me more confidence. It was great to have personalized feedback from and calls with Wendy – to have a coach have your back and tell you what you need to hear. I have jumped the first hurdle of starting to promote my business on a wider scale by setting up a Facebook page and doing my first post with a call to action, which for me is huge. Thanks to working with Wendy I got things done that I had been dragging my heels on for a long time and I know what I to do to keep the momentum going.

Alana Wesley of In Touch English



My time with Wendy flew by! When I responded to her simple questions, she was able to zoom in and expand upon what I had just said. She helped me to understand the value of optimizing my offerings. Wendy suggested four steps, to take, that would lead to my greater success as I make my transition from a location based practitioner to a location independent coach.

Drema Dial of www.dremadial.com

I liked most how Wendy simplified how to market and promote my business and made everything simple. I am NOT a technical person at all. I was NOT comfortable creating multiple accounts to advertise on social media. She made me get out of my comfort zone and start doing. She wasn’t trying to hear me talk about what I didn’t like. When I took her advice I immediately saw results.

When I came to Wendy, I was unclear about what exactly I wanted to do to get myself to the next level in my business. Wendy helped me to gain clarity on what I wanted to do to create additional streams of income, as well as gave me a strategy on how to develop my material and appeal to my target audience. Now, I am able to build my followers, create groups, keep my target market interested and make money by selling my products and services vs. giving it away for free.

Kristen Pope of First Steps In Home Academy



When I had my 15-minute session with her, it made me cry. I never met someone who understood my inner genius.

Working with Wendy is like in listing to the army. She plays no games, holds no hands, and there is no sugar coating. I learned what it is that I do to serve people and how to make a profit instantly. Building the foundation of your business is vital, and Wendy helped me Jumpstart that process. I enjoyed learning and being challenged by Wendy.

Wendy helped me discover my true gift and made me go after it. I was a complete newbie and because of Wendy’s teaching I have a solid foundation for a successful business. Wendy taught more than enough information to make money instantly and great upselling methods. It’s up to you to put in the work she is a resource so use the information from Wendy, and you will see massive growth.

Rosemary Salem of www.rosemarysalem.com

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