3 Tips to Help You Thrive Within the Unknown 

Life moves in seasons where it undergoes peaks and valleys. A peak is when you are naturally happy because everything is going according to plan and nothing can ruin your positive disposition. You are stuck in a reflective state and can find everything under the sun to be thankful for.  The valley is when you feel as if [...]

4 Ways to Kill Overwhelm

I have learned that one of the reasons I was financially, emotionally and physically broke was because I failed to subscribe to a daily self-care regimen. I did not adhere to setting realistic expectations for myself, life and business. Often times as entrepreneurs we are focused on making "right now money" not really focused on [...]

Get Focused, Organized & Trust Yourself

Your lack of focus is delaying your breakthrough, increase, and well-being. When you are unfocused, you tend to operate with a false sense of reality.  Overwhelm is code that you feel like quitting, and it is a sign that you lack energy and direction. Tolerance of uncertainty leads to failure.  Sometimes we fail because we don't consider [...]

Can’t is a Mindset, Not Reality

Can't is a perception that something can not be done. It is an indication of doubt, and it is not supported by fact. It is the mother to resistance. I mean in a particular instance, you may not be able to accomplish a specific task due to limiting circumstances such as health, ability, will or [...]

Focus on what YOU can Control

It seems to be inevitable that obstacles just so happen to occur the minute we decide to pursue a goal that is near and dear to our hearts all while we are in the thick of becoming our best possible selves. It can be easy to abandon our vision when the pathway isn't clear and allow chaos to cloud our judgment.  Anxiety usually [...]

What role does fear play in your life?

It is true that fear is a universal emotional response that every human will experience, but it is only real if you choose to acknowledge it.  It can dictate what we do and rob us of our confidence. We can either control fear or allow it to control us. So what do you fear the most? The [...]

Transformation comes in the midst of a new season

When starting a new chapter in your life it is easy to get overwhelmed. My father's passing taught me a few things. For one, not to worry about things that you have no control over. To live in the moment and soak up the experience so that you can revisit it later when you most [...]

Are you ready to divorce your fears?

Fear grows when you focus on what could go wrong.-Valorie Burton  In the wake of pursuing our goals, sometimes we get a little bug in our self-conscious that perhaps there isn't enough time to achieve what we have envisioned. We become slaves to time and feel like we need more of it to execute our [...]

Do you seek opportunity or security?

Regardless of which spectrum you choose to identify with neither is right or wrong, but it is important to evaluate your point of view. Do a quick temperature check. Our decisions shape our behaviors and in return create our reality. The bigger question is, are you living a life that you love? That might help you to put things into [...]

5 Traits of a Solution-Oriented Person 

Strength comes when you thrive in the face of adversity. -Wendy Nicole Anderson In the wake of a crisis people automatically assume the worst and resort to confusion and partake in activities that will not serve them in the future. Instead of morphing into a proactive frame of mind,  it seems to be second nature to think of [...]

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