How to SILENCE The Noise that is Suppressing Your Success

I don't know about you, but sometimes FEAR stops me in my tracks. Today I want to give you the formula to follow to address those fears so that they don't hold you, hostage, anymore. But first, let's define NOISE. It is doubt, fear, lack of confidence. Negative energy that makes you second guess the [...]

5 Things You need to Unlearn If you want to bootstrap your way to 6 Figures

Running a profitable business can be overwhelming and disappointing if you aren't focused on income generating activities and consistently generating leads into your business. A lot of people talk about passive income, but there is no such thing. (But I will get to that later) I will be the first to tell you. Over the [...]

How you CAN pull off a Client VIP Weekend as a Diaper Slaying Mompreneur

I am not sure if you are new to my email list or if you have been a long time ride or die, reader. But I want to take some time to re-introduce myself for just a second. I am mompreneur of two boys. Ages one and two. Yes, I am a toddler mom. Their [...]

You Know How to get 1 or 2 Clients, but What’s NEXT?

You know how to get 1 or 2 clients, but how do you generate a consistent slew of income generating opportunities so that your business can sustain your personal life and you are not constantly worried about how you are going to pay your bills. Your business could double or triple if you knew how [...]

If You Want to Make More Money, Put Yourself In the Shoes of Your Customers

You buy things, right? We all do. And as a consumer, you have expectations regardless if you pay $5, $100, $100, or $10k plus for something. You are expecting to get your monies worth. You are expecting to get your questions answered. You are expecting the seller to appreciate your business. You are expecting not [...]

How to Profit Using Questionnaires

The other day I had a Facebook "friend" direct message (dm) me requesting that I take a survey and by the way, to me, questionnaires and surveys are the same things. Just so we are on the same page. He just asked me to take it. He didn't qualify why he was seeking my input [...]

The Secret Formula to Growing a Biz that’s in DEMAND

Systems & Processes are the Staples to Growing a Profitable Biz that's in DEMAND My goal is to inspire you to set up smart business success systems so that you could spend more time growing your business vs. trying to figure out what to do next. Today I want to focus on three (3) reasons [...]

4 Reasons Why Your Business is Not Making Money

If your business cards and website is swanky, you've taken some professional photos, you have networked until your pants fell off, and you are still coming up empty, then perhaps it's time to fine tune your conversation. In my experience, I have compiled four reasons why you aren't making bank. Reason #1 Not talking about [...]

3 Tips to Help You Thrive Within the Unknown 

Life moves in seasons where it undergoes peaks and valleys. A peak is when you are naturally happy because everything is going according to plan and nothing can ruin your positive disposition. You are stuck in a reflective state and can find everything under the sun to be thankful for.  The valley is when you feel as if [...]

4 Ways to Kill Overwhelm

I have learned that one of the reasons I was financially, emotionally and physically broke was because I failed to subscribe to a daily self-care regimen. I did not adhere to setting realistic expectations for myself, life and business. Often times as entrepreneurs we are focused on making "right now money" not really focused on [...]

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